Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away the game of G.N.A.R was created by the Gaffney brothers and Mr. Shane McConkey as a “Numerical Assessment of Radness”. It was designed to score skiers on a series of challenges that are as much about showmanship and humor as they are about skill.

G.N.A.R. is more about having a good time rather than being a formal competition. The challenges can range from performing specific tricks to engaging in humorous or bold behavior.

And while we’re not skiers (or remotely as rad as these guys) we feel like this sentiment dovetails well with our “brand”. So for 2024 we venture to bring you the game of K.N.A.R (Kevin’s Numerical Assessment of Radness). Kevin has lots of help and doesn’t claim any single ownership over this endeavor but Kevin’s name does provide the same phonetics as G.N.A.R so we’re going with it.

Like G.N.A.R the rules of K.N.A.R are informal and the spirit of the game is rooted in the SSCX community’s love of combining racing and debauchery. The only two documented rules of the game are:

  • Don’t be a dick
  • Leave no trace (on the venue or anyone else’s race result)

The common denominator of these rules is RESPECT. Every human in our races deserves it and this game will not work without it. Have as much fun as you can but do it while allowing those around you to have fun as well via their chosen method. The NESCX series has always balanced the business and party portions of our races well and we want this game to enhance that not detract from it.

We all know and love the #questforthevest. Our denim leaders jerseys adorned with ‘flair’ are a cornerstone of our vibe. But like all things in life, balance is key. We recognize and reward the leaders of our business side but rely equally on our party contingent to define our identity. The time has come to restore balance and recognize those that bring the party and the game of K.N.A.R will provide the framework for us to do just that.

Business folk wear denim vests, party folk wear leather vests. To wear a denim vest you need lots of finishing points. To wear a leather vest you need lots of K.N.A.R points. A list of challenges has been compiled, each with different point values. Complete the challenges, earn the points. If you have the most points you wear the leather fringe and command the respect of SSCXers everywhere.

The game of K.N.A.R will be mostly an honor system but professional photog evidence will go a long way to cementing your legacy. Have fun, self report your points and we’ll do our best to accurately track them through the season.