Sorry for the lack of posting here, we’ve been in full hibernation mode waiting for the right time to start working our way back to business as usual. While 2021 won’t be the season we make it all the way back to our former NECS glory, we have fired up operations and we’ll be ready to support our Promoters looking to have events in 2021.

What exactly does that mean?

We will NOT be having any season long NECS series this season. We WILL be helping bring you a Summer / Fall (hopefully) full of stand-alone events that will be fun, safe, and following any guidelines that might still be in place as we move through the year.

We still don’t know exactly what this season will look like. There will be new challenges for Promoters to put on events. Some races might decide to take an additional year off, others might push forward. Some might be on different dates than you’re used to. We’ll be updating our site and social streams as soon as we have info to share.

So stay tuned, get that bike tuned up and start polishing up your fitness!