EFTA is a non-profit organization of off-road cyclists dedicated to:

  • Promoting safe, fun and high quality events for both recreational and competitive cyclists
  • Promoting responsible riding through education
  • Assuring continued regional trail access

In January of 1992, a group of long-time New England racers, promoters and enthusiasts set about to change the direction of New England Mountain biking. Instead of a national body focused on elite racers, EFTA would create a new organization for local and regional riders with a diverse agenda including trail access, racing, and recreational riding. Instead of an organization concentrating on ski areas for race venues, EFTA would focus on better utilization of local race venues that had already been established. A new organization that would welcome new formats such as trials, scot trials and enduros. A new organization that promoted consistent high quality events, tracked points to rank riders throughout the season, and had a real system for promoting racers to new categories.

EFTA pioneered the first ever Fun Ride Series format, where riders of all skill levels could ride at their own pace on self-guided courses.

In 1993, EFTA created the first race format that allowed sport class riders, both men and women, to be tracked for points directly against expert class riders. This format was called the New England Championship Series (NECS) and is the oldest race series in the region. Nearly two decades old, the series still sets the standard by promoting high quality, laid back riding. And to top it off, at our annual awards banquet, a big end-of-year party celebrates and rewards the best riders in our corner of the world.