Several years ago EFTA piloted the PayDirt program.  In its first iteration racers could perform trail work or other volunteer tasks in order to earn points towards their total in the overall New England Championship Series.  This went well at first but was never fully adopted the way we had hoped.  There were even stories of close series races coming down to PayDirt points which didn’t sit well with some racers. We get that.

The program fell by the wayside due to lack of interest but we are committed to trail advocacy and we very much want to find a way to incentivize racers to get out there to build and maintain our local trails.  So we are putting our money where our mouth is.

Starting in 2017 EFTA will be offering race registration fee reimbursements in exchange for 8hrs of trail work.

We estimate the average Joe or Jane works about 4hrs on any given trail day so in exchange for 2 days of trail work we will give you one day of racing. Seem fair?

Head here for the specifics