The Eastern Fat Tire Association has been serving the New England Mountain Bike community since the early 90’s. Assisting promoters in providing both competitive and non-competitive events across the region.  For most of those 20+ years(!) the same group of EFTA officers has guided the organization. Helping new promoters get established, succeed with their events, and keep those events coming back year after year. They tracked your Championship Series points, made sure course markings were delivered and in place, sent countless emails, applied for insurance certificates, filed claims, and even made sure we were all rewarded at the end of the season for our racing achievements.  And for all of this they deserve a giant collective THANK YOU.

As you can imagine by the end of the 2016 season they were tired. It was time to pass the torch. They succeeded in finding new officers and EFTA is poised to enter its ‘second phase’ with fresh bodies at the helm and renewed energy to continue the great work of the organization’s founders.

As we enter 2017 the transition of responsibilities has begun. It will undoubtedly be a bit clunky as we get our bearings…cables stretch and derailleurs need adjustment but we promise we will do our best to be finely tuned come race day.

We will be looking to implement new technologies and processes with the ultimate goal of making promoting and attending EFTA events as straightforward as possible. New England has always been great at grassroots and we intend to continue, and improve on, that trend.

Welcome to EFTA v2.0