Quick policy update on series award eligibility as we get close to NECS Series Season. EFTA has always issued awards to NECS series competitors at the conclusion of the race season. Sometimes 3 or even 5 deep and the awards themselves have varied from year to year. Custom bags, jerseys, pint glasses, award plaques we’ve tried it all.

In 2018 EFTA will sanction over 20 races, the most it ever has. At the same time EFTA has been growing and changing, based on your feedback we’re offering more NECS Series in 2018 than we ever have previously and we are looking to increase our advocacy work supporting junior development with NEHSCA and making it easier than ever for our promoters to put on great events. We have visions of being more than just a sanctioning body. We want to support racing mountain bikes in New England from every angle. At the core our growing membership base helps us initiate and support programs we believe in and we want to reward our members for believing in and supporting us.

We hope to offer all EFTA members more and more perks moving forward but the first will be eligibility for our new NECS Series awards. Some of you may have already seen the jerseys we issued for 2017 NECS Champions. We will continue to build on that trend for 2018. We will design jerseys for NECS XC, Headbangers and Marathon Champions and they will be rad. We are certain you will want one. We will also issue custom awards to members finishing in 2nd and 3rd place in their respective categories.

To be clear anyone can purchase 1-day licenses and compete in NECS events throughout the season and be scored for the overall Championship. Your results will be official but our series awards will only be available to current EFTA members.

We hope this helps clarify not only the rule change, but also the reasoning behind it. EFTA would not be possible without our fabulous members and we want to be transparent with everyone regarding the changes we make as we enhance EFTA for the future.

Not a member yet or haven’t renewed for 2018? Now is your chance, its simple and can be done online in :30 seconds.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the trails!

– The EFTA Board of Directors