Ok. You’ve been waiting patiently. It’s time you heard some of our thoughts on where NEMTB will be headed in 2018. We need feedback, input, criticism (constructive we hope) to turn these ideas into plans. We will be hosting a Promoter’s Summit on February 10th to discuss 2018. All Promoters, prospective promoters and interested parties are welcome. A light lunch will be provided.

2018 NEMTB Promoter’s Summit

Hampshire Hills Athletic Club

50 Emerson Rd. Milford, NH

Saturday Feb 10th 9:30AM – 3PM (lunch will be provided)

If you plan to attend please RSVP to treasurer@efta.com by Feb 1st 2018

To start, a summary of sorts of the most important stuff:

  1. Early in 2018 nemtb.com will be launched. NEMTB will be a pseudo org of sorts. A Consortium of stakeholders all interested in making MTB Racing in New England the best it can be. Contributors to start will be members of the EFTA BOD, NEBRA BOD, NEHSCA, BUBBA Trophy Series Admins, and some long time Promoters. It will be a central location for communications, a master calendar, and coordination of efforts going forward.
  2. EFTA’s New England Championship Series (NECS) as we have all known it for many years will be going away. New England will have the same number of series but they will look and feel a bit different than years past:
    1. 2017 Series Make-up: Kenda Cup, EFTA NECS, Root 66 Series
    2. 2018 Series Make-up: BUBBA Trophy Series (formerly Kenda Cup), NEXC Series, Headbanger’s Series
  3. The new NEXC and Headbanger’s Series will be “sanctioning agnostic” (similar to how the old Kenda Cup series worked), EFTA is willing to do all of the series administration but promoters are welcome to sanction however they want…EFTA, USAC, or unsanctioned. Only requirement will be following the category structure needed to allow continuity for series scoring.
  4. The NEXC Series will consist of courses that trend more ‘Olympic’. Faster, more flow, 1.5hr Elite race time.
  5. The Headbanger’s Series will consist of courses that trend more ‘Old-School’. Consistently technical, longer laps, full body workout, etc.
  6. In addition to these Summer Series we will attempt to have several supplemental series as well: Single Speed, Marathon, Time Trial (in the Spring)
  7. The NEMTB.com “Consortium” has made a first pass with our best guesses at which events should live in which series. We think it is pretty solid but again, we need feedback from Promoters.

We hope to discuss these points and other items that might be on your mind.  We hope to see you on Feb 10th!