EFTA’s license fees have been $24 for an annual membership and $4 for a one-day license for as long as we can remember. The fact that EFTA has been able to keep those fees static for so many years is impressive and a testament to a well run organization. The exact reasoning behind those fees specifically is a thing of the past and is one of the things that the new Board of Directors will be looking at, discussing, and looking to make improvements on for both promoters and racers alike.

After feedback from Promoters and some internal discussions among the board we have made the decision to increase EFTA’s membership fees to $25 for an annual membership and $5 for a one-day license.

We have made this decision for two reasons:

1. Making the membership fees divisible by $5 will greatly reduce the need for promoter’s to have a stack of $1 dollar bills on hand for change on race day. We are hoping this will greatly simplify day of cash transactions and make things smoother and quicker for both Promoters and Racers.

2. EFTA is looking to initiate several new programs in the near future that would benefit from additional funding. The new PayDirt program could be expanded and EFTA is also looking to get more involved with Junior Development. We are planning to roll all additional revenue from this increase directly back into these member based programs.

If you have any questions about this increase please feel free to contact the board via our contact page.