We had a great Summit this past weekend and we’re really looking forward to the 2020 NEMTB season! Our Preliminary schedules are almost ready for public consumption we just need to iron out a few things before we’ll be confident enough to post them.

Until then here are some new for 2020 initiatives and changes for your viewing pleasure:

  • EFTA Community Grants Program – We’ll be launching a Grant application form in the coming weeks to allow NEMTB community members to apply for funds to help them complete their projects. Additional details will be coming soon!
  • Full Series Attendance Awards – Attending every single race in a NECS Series is challenging. But if you pull it off in 2020 we are going to reward you. We’re not exactly sure how quite yet but it will be RAD.
  • Promotion Points being retired – Our old Promotion Points algorithm and system hasn’t exactly aged well with how NEMTB has changed over the years. We will be deciding how to best handle this going forward.
  • Upgrades / Downgrades – In conjunction with the above we will be cleaning up policy language on how upgrades and downgrades work to try and clear up any confusion.
  • Class 1 eBikes – EFTA will have the ability to offer insurance for Ebike events if Promoters are interested in offering one. EFTA will require that eBikes are permitted on the trail system for the event as well as require that the eBikes do not share the course with any non-eBike riders.