Ok it’s April 2nd now, this is the real deal.

In addition to our NECS XC and NECS Headbangers series we are happy to announce we have also put together a NECS Marathon Series for all you folks who like riding your bike for a bit longer than 1.5-2hrs.  We tried to zero in on events that offered a 4-6hr effort and we also tried to spread things evenly across the season. We’ve ironed out the details with a few promoters and we feel like we have a pretty balanced schedule for 2018:

  • 6hrs at Burlingame – 4/29
  • Pats Peak MTB Festival (6hr) – 6/9
  • Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge – 7/14
  • The North/South Trail Challenge – 8/26
  • Freetown 50 – 9/16

Series categories will be kept very simple. For the series we will track Open Men & Women, Open 40+ Men & Women and Singlespeed. It is very likely that the individual events will offer more categories than just these but these will be the only categories that will be tracked for series points.

So start stocking up on all your nutrition and chamois butter and get those early season base miles in.  First race is in a few weeks!