What is the PayDirt Program?

PayDirt is a program available to EFTA Racers to earn race registration fee reimbursement for any EFTA NECS Cross Country Race during the current racing season by volunteering at qualifying trail work events. (keep in mind not every EFTA race is in the NECS)

How does the PayDirt Program work?

To put it simply, 8hrs of trail work will earn you 1 EFTA NECS race registration fee reimbursement.  We have estimated that the average Joe or Jane works about 4hrs during any given trail day.  So if you give us ~2 days of trail work, we’ll give you one day of racing.  Limit of 1 reimbursement per racer per season.

How do I get my reimbursement?

REIMBURSEMENT being the key term here. Please register for races like you normally would. This program will reimburse you afterwards so we don’t have to put any additional admin overhead on Promoters. To keep things simple the reimbursement will be $30. EFTA has determined this to be an average XC race registration fee.

All you need to do is participate in a qualifying trail work event, track your hours worked, and complete and submit the PayDirt Reimbursement Form by the annual deadline which will be Nov 1st of each year.

We will have a limited budget and can only guarantee a limited number of reimbursements. We will update budget status as the season progresses.

What constitutes a “qualifying trail work event”?

Trail Days sponsored by local trail advocacy organizations like the New England Mountain Bike Assoc. (NEMBA) or the Vermont Mountain Bike Assoc. (VMBA).  If in doubt whether an activity qualifies, just ask for clarification from the EFTA PayDirt Coordinator (paydirt[at]efta[dot]com)

We recommend joining these organizations while you’re at it. They do important work and make New England a better place to ride


Do I need to have the land manager or trail day organizer sign a form?

No signature is required. However, you DO need to have land owner permission and the trail day organizer should be aware of your participation on the dates submitted.