Ability Categories

The ability categories are Novice, Sport, Expert and Elite.

Expert and Elite riders are highly advanced and experienced. They are able to ride the most advanced technical terrain and have the experience to know when to get off the bike and run. Experts and Elites are at the peak of physical strength and endurance, and have the mental stamina to ride through significant pain.

Sport class riders generally race the same courses as Expert riders. They are experienced mountain bike racers and are able to ride most technical terrain. While not quite physically at the same level as Expert riders, they are in excellent physical condition. Sport riders have developed important racing skills such as passing in awkward conditions and pacing.

Novice riders are most often beginner racers. They are not necessarily able to ride all the technical terrain, or complete all the climbs that Sport and Expert riders can. Novice race courses are often, but not always, shorter or easier than Sport or Expert courses.

Age Categories

The female age classifications are based on your age at the end of the race season.  The female age categories are:

Junior up to 18 (racers 18 and under on 12/31)
Senior 19 to 39 (racers 39 and under on 12/31)
Veteran 40+ (racers 40 or older on 12/31)

The male age classifications are based on your age at the end of the race season. The male age categories are:

Junior up to 18 (racers 18 and under on 12/31)
Senior  19 to 29 (racers 29 and under on 12/31)
Veteran I 30 to 39 (racers 39 and under on 12/31)
Veteran II 40 to 49 (racers 49 and under on 12/31)
Masters 50+ (racers 50 or older on 12/31)

Other Classes


The course length will generally be the same as novices, unless posted otherwise in advance by the event promoter. Racers must weigh-in at each race at 200 pounds or more (wearing shoes, socks, shirt, and pants, but no packs, water blisters, tool kits, etc). If you qualify, you may enter an event as either a Clydesdale or in your age/ability class, but not both.

Singlespeed and Tandem

Singlespeed and Tandem racers exist in their own open classes. Singlespeed has both a men’s class and a women’s class. There are no age classes nor categories. You may race in them without consequence as to promotion points or NECS points in another class in which you may choose to race.

Open Racer/Cruiser Class

The Open Racer/Cruiser class is designed so that riders can enjoy the course and receive a posted time in a non-competitive way. This is a great way to try a longer distance or just enjoy riding on one of the many varied EFTA courses. All riders receive times and generally ride the Sport distance, although the length may be modified by the event promoter. No championship or promotion points are assigned. Like the Elite category, there are no formal consequences to riding in this class and returning to your previous category and class.